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Some fates are carved in stone.

Others are created with blood.

For most people, Dahryst is a haven for witches, safeguarded by the gods from the human pursuers. But, for Calista, her home is a perilous place.

Wielding a power reserved for the God of Death alone, she must conceal her ability or perish.

However, when she decides to stop the Harvest—a tournament to the death set on the sacred ground of Tenenocti Island—she risks not only revealing the truth and becoming targeted by the elders, but also putting her best friend's life in jeopardy.

The return of the God of Death, after being absent for over a century, unveils an ancient prophecy foretelling his downfall at the hands of Calista. But when darker forces emerge, the God of Death is force to forge an alliance with Calista, further intertwining their fates.

Will Calista be able to unveil the mysteries hidden in Tenenocti Island, face ancient deities, and stop a vengeful god to save herself and her loved ones, or will the journey lead her to pay the ultimate price and irrevocably lose herself and her heart?

Night of Death and Flowers is an epic fantasy romance that combines forbidden magic, fate, romance, and survival. In a world where every action can tip the scales, will they fall into salvation or ruin?

Night of Death and Flowers is Book One in a duet. There will be six duets in the series. Each duet can be read as a standalone. 



Listen to the Spotify Playlist for Night of Death and Flowers!

There are two ways to listen.

Inside the book you'll see music note signs at the beginning of each chapter, linked to each song. 

Or keep this playlist saved and play and pause as you read. The songs are in order, with each song belonging to one chapter. 





Grab one of the overstock editions of Night of Death and Flowers. These are overstock from the Kickstarter Exclusive print run. Once they're gone, no more will be printed. This is a preorder with a July 2024 delivery date.


What makes this edition special:

Reversible Dust Jacket with character art on the reverse side with embossed foiling

Foiled slip case cover with artwork on the outside

Eleven character art illustrations printed inside, on heavy paper in color

Hand-signed (Personalization cannot be added at this time)

Printed edges

Exclusive naked cover design with blue foiling

Foiled, embossed lettering on the dust jacket

Artwork on the end pages

Beautiful formatting with chapter header artwork

Worldbuilding guide at the back with plant sketches

Ribbon Bookmark

Limited edition copy



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