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Enter the dark, seductive world of Vampires & Mortals in this INVIGORATING dark fantasy romance series

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To beat the darkness, you must become it…

Trapped behind enemy lines, Olivia is forced to watch as the rogue soul vampires destroy countless mortals. In a bid to end the monarchy, the creatures and their leader will stop at nothing.

If she does not escape, her friends and family will die. But the only way out means she must become worse than her captors. As she falls deeper into the darkness, she realizes she may not find her way back to the girl she once was.

Back at the castle, Kalon and the Blood Brothers take over in the king's absence. In a bid to lure more mortals into Sanmorte, they reopen the deadly competition where people can fight in a bid to gain immortality. But if the secret they’ve kept for centuries continues to spread, they will find themselves at the center of a war that has been brewing for decades.

With little to lose, and everything to gain, will any of them make it out of this with their souls intact? Because when immortals play games, rarely are there any winners.

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