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This is a work of fiction and any BDSM references are not meant as a guide, nor are they accurately portrayed. Please see a full list of content warnings below. Corrupt Shadows is a dark paranormal romance, with scenes of non-consent and other topics that can be triggering.


Alcohol abuse, BDSM, Breath Play, Blood Play, Body Modification, Death of a Character, Degradation (with praise)

Demons, Domestic Violence, Drug Use/Abuse, Dub-Con, Expressionism, Gore, Knife Play

Masks, Mental Illness, Murder, Non-Con, Orgasm Denial, Parental Abuse, Religious Occult

Religious Trauma, Sex Without a Condom, Sexual Violence, Sleep Paralysis, Smoking, Somnophilia

Stalking, Strangulation, Suicidal ideation.

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