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The Witch…


Nine years ago, I killed my brother, and I’ve been running from my past ever since.


I find a home in Deadwood, finally safe from those who hunt me. But no matter what I do, the darkness keeps pulling me in. I allow my shadow magic to edge closer to the surface to feel something, anything. But no matter how much I want to let it out, I can’t.

My magic thirsts for violence and I won’t let it kill again. The only thing that numbs the untamed power within me is a combination of pills and alcohol. Until he shows up.

A masked man watches me from the mirrors, stalking my dreams. He haunts me, unraveling my thoughts until I’m not sure what to believe. I move closer to the edge, losing control, and I’m afraid of what I’ll become if I let him. But I can’t help myself.


When he’s there, I feel more alive than ever, but I can’t lose control. If I do, then I’m already dead.


The Demon…


I’ve spent a century trapped in the Shadow Realm, a purgatory created for me and my demons.


I watch the humans through mirrors, waiting for the moment I can find a way to leave and return to my domain. But I never found a way.


Until now.


She’s everything I’ve been waiting for. The last descendant of the only bloodline that can free me. I stalk her from the shadows, watching her every move.

She suppresses the darkness and power, but she longs for it. Her dark magic calls to me, craving for me to unleash it. The closer she draws to the shadows, the more she’s within my grasp. Obsession takes over, pulling me into her world. I desire to punish her, to fracture her mind until she can’t tell reality from fantasy. If she won’t unleash her power, then I will make her.

She will become my salvation, but I must destroy her first.


Corrupting a soul has never felt so good.

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